Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Niche with shelves

Pictured is a 3 compartment niche with round ended shelves top and bottom for extra storage and 2 " ceramic columns.

Tiling Friendly Shower Shelf

Inset tile into this ceramic shelf to customize your shower. 7/8" Mosaic tile fits perfectly with NO CUTS (as pictured)! Other wise you can cut any accents or field tile to customize your shower shelf. Curved corners on this 16" long by 3 1/4" deep ceramic shower shelf. This shelf accepts your choice of accent tile or field tile to tie the shelf into your color scheme. Square cornered shower shelf with accent inlay area.

Square and Rounded Ceramic Shower Shelves

My latest shower shelf design of square and rounded end ceramic shelves. Pictured above is a 16" and 20" squared end shower shelves stacked over each other. Costco bottles will fit on these shelves! This picture is of a 16" over a 20" rounded end shampoo shelves mounted on a white ceramic tile wall. The shelves and the subway tile are 3" tall. Square shelf measurements. Rounded shelves dimensions and measurements. Abalone shells. Lots of storage!