Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bathroom Tile

On the West Coast I always liked bull-nose plaster corner bead on my drywall work because it softened up the hardness of a ninety degree angle. In the 1920's plaster coved corners were the style in craftsman designed houses, my favorite design because of its warm feel. So, I have designed an interior tile cove corner piece to soften up a bath shower tile job. The picture below is where your tile is butted to the edge of the tile coved corner piece.
These are the first units so I don't have an install to give you the full impact of what these do to your bathroom remodel. These tile corner units are the same length as your standard 12x12" tile.
Overlay the corner over your tile for a different look.


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  3. Where can I purchase three inch cove tile ?

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